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MLM Consulting - Lead by Mel Atwood, one of the foremost MLM Consultants in the industry today, our team of MLM Experts are here to help you ensure your business is Marketable, Profitable, and Legal. Since 1997, it's been our crusade to bring reality into the world of MLMwith innovative technology that leverages our native understanding of the network marketing profession from our corporate and distributor experiences.

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To Succeed You Must:

1- Secure a proven MLM Software company to track your business, sales and referral organizations
2- Secure a solid MLM Consultant for developing/reviewing compensation, marketing, and strategy
3- Secure a quality MLM Law firm with massive experience and knowledge in MLM and Direct Sales

Compensation Plan Development: Unilevel, Matrix, Binary, Stair-Step, and all other variations take complex mathematical algorithm development, strategic qualification placement, an understanding of the need for recognition and leadership development. It takes years of compensation plan study, field experience, and corporate management to craft a plan that nurtures the novice, yet provides for leadership development, and large income for the career networker.


We Simplify Your Business Plan with Professional MLM Consulting

Your business plan is your blueprint for how you establish your MLM business from the very beginning. The key to whether you continue to operate a successful MLM business or your venture leads to failure depends on the quality of your business plan. Our MLM consultant, Mel Atwood, is the experienced leader in the MLM industry. With him providing MLM consulting services, we know that we can give start-up businesses the help they need in developing a plan for their business development. It will contain all of the components needed to operate their new MLM business efficiently, and with maximum visibility.  MORE..

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Business Plan Evaluation: Everyone has a great business plan... don't they? Then what makes some plans succeed while others fail? It's about completeness, fully developed business models, and a complete understanding of the inter-working relationships involved in a business plan. Too complex or too simple and a plan is doomed to fail.

Distributor Incentive & Recognition Programs: People will enroll to for the income, but people work for incentives and recognition. Properly developed Incentives keep people's feet firmly planted after enrolling.

Launch & Pre-Launch Development & Structuring: The first 90 days of business are the most critical in developing the trust and loyalty needed to carry you through your first 2 years. The initial leadership gathering methods, the exact timing of events, the opening launch event, the first pay role run, and more... all feed into the fields belief and drive. The first 90 days must lead into a long term vision of the future.

Marketing Strategies: Wide range of options are available: television targeted commercials and infomercials, radio ad and interview based campaigns, print distribution, direct mail, email broadcasting, search engine optimization and ranking, strategic alliances, etc. Each client needs a different variety of solutions based on product, demographic market, and overall business plan.

Product Line Expansion: When, how, and what are the areas needing closest evaluation. The right product, at the right time, implemented in the right way can increase a companies momentum and create tremendous growth/revenue. Developing product lines that complement each other, adding additional products in current product lines, or revamping old product lines is something that takes precision and care.

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International Expansion: 90% of MLM companies originate in the United States. Expansion first into English speaking countries and then into non-English speaking countries is one of the most difficult steps a growing company faces. MLM Consulting; Corporate MLM Solutions and Software; Wholesale Leads; Compensation Plan Design, Marketing Solutions & Systems and more.

Software & Online/Web-Based Systems: Our System or their system? It's about insuring that you have the right features, functionality, reports, and administrative control. Even if you don't need our software it's likely you still need assistance working with the software firm you've chosen. As a liaison and impartial observer of the system as is VS as needed, then providing MLM Consultant objective and comprehensive ideas, recommendations, and solutions to both you and your software firm will ensure the most complete solutions for your company.